INDUSTRY : Trades/Service

PROJECTS : Logo Design, Branding, Website, Signage, Business Cards, Vehicle Graphics, Marketing Materials, Internal Forms, Apparel & Promos, Online & Traditional Advertising


Elya Construction came to us with an existing brand that was not representative of the quality and service oriented work that they did. We suggested a refresh that would keep their red, white & blue color scheme but make it a little friendlier than the average builders brands around the area. We wanted to put a face to the name, so we illustrated Mike doing what he does best….Working!

The new logo and branding was a big hit and Elya has been contracting with D. Walker Studio ever since to help him promote his business and expand into new markets.


“My name is Mike Elya and I own Elya Construction Co. LLC. I’ve been working with Dan Walker since 2015, when he initially designed my business logo. He’s done, on average, a few projects for me every year since then, and I have been incredibly pleased with everything. He has designed a great website for me, business logo, advertisements, mailers, signs, presentation folders with matching envelopes, business, envelopes, business cards, construction, pencils, coffee cups, stickers, wrapped a yeti cooler with my logo installed my logo on my job trailer, several styles of hats and shirts, etc. My company sponsors a fast pitch softball team and he designed the logo for that and produced jerseys. We own a  centennial family farm, Called Circle E Farms, and he also designed the logo for that. I’m very non-artistic and never have given Dan a whole lot of input to go off of and he nails it every time. I highly recommend him.”

Mike Elya

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